FMS 17 Missing Admin Tool

FMS Missing Admin Tool

Claus Lavendt, of Data Manix, built – and is giving away for free – a FileMaker 17 Server admin tool.  Called, appropriately enough, the FMS 17 Missing Admin Tool.  FMS 17 sports a new admin panel similar to the FileMaker Cloud interface.  But it lacks some of the features of earlier versions:

While we are excited about some of the new great features, the FileMaker 17 Server now features a new web admin console, that looks like the FileMaker Cloud Admin Console.

While the web console is nice looking, it lacks several features, that can be vitale in order to manage your FileMaker server.

Most features are not completely gone, but now you will need to use Command Line commands or use the new Admin REST API. For many Server admins, this new way of managing FileMaker Server, might be difficult to master all these interfaces.

In order to help our colleagues, we built this tool, that combines all the interfaces you will need in order to manage your FileMaker Server 17.

When you install FileMaker Server 17, you will need to install a Custom SSL Certificate. Unfortunately, the web admin console will no longer have a feature to generate a Certificate Signing Request, which you need in order to purchase your custom SSL certificate. In order to do so, you will need to do this via CLI commands.

The FMS 17 Missing Admin Tool has a feature to generate this command, so the process will be easier.You can download the Free FileMaker Example File at the link.

There is much more to the tool than just an interface with some missing tools.  You’ll also find a lot of instructional information, including three very helpful files from Richard Carlton:

The new FileMaker native interface doesn’t yet include a feature for generating an SSL request – Lavendt’s file shows you what to do (see video below).  A very nice feature that will save you time and frustration.

Source: FMS 17 Missing Admin Tool | The Brain Basket

Bonus Video

Richard Carlton and Claus Lavendt show how to request and install an SSL certificate on FMS 17:

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