FileMaker 13’s WebDirect: I want to like it. I really do.

Tim Dietrich offers and honest appraisal of what he likes and dislikes about WebDirect.

When I say that I want to like FileMaker 13’s WebDirect feature, I truly mean it.

I remember first seeing WebDirect at DevCon back in 2012 (and again at DevCon 2013). It was obvious that the team at FileMaker was working hard on it, and how excited they were about it. Like many of us who saw it back then, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

That opportunity came earlier this year, during early testing of what would eventually become the FileMaker 13 platform that was released earlier this week. My testing of FileMaker Server 13 was on a server that meets what FileMaker refers to as the minimum hardware requirements (dual core, 4GB of RAM, etc). It is certainly not a server that you would want to use in a production setting. But it’s the same hardware that I’ve used to do development work on (with FileMaker Server 12), and it seemed like a good worst case scenario to use in order to get a feel for how the performance of FileMaker Server 13 (and WebDirect in particular) might be.


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