FileMaker 13: The Field Picker

MIKE DUNCAN guides us through a detailed look at the new Field Picker feature in FileMaker 13:

The Field Picker is a floating palette, with a drop down menu at the top to select the Table you are working from, and a list of fields from the selected table occurrence. While the Field Picker is similar to the dialog presented when defining fields via Manage Database, it is a different animal indeed, with it’s own advantages not otherwise available to us developers.

There is one huge–but not so obvious–advantage to using the Field Picker:

If you work as part of a team with other developers, you know that only one person can be in the Manage Database dialog at one time. Of course, this means a file hosted with FileMaker Server, so multiple users can have a database open at the same time. Essentially what happens is the database schema is locked until the user exits the Manage Database dialog and all changes are committed.

Now, with the Field Picker, a second developer can still make changes to the database schema even if another developer has the Manage Database dialog open.

If you are using FileMaker 13 to work on FileMaker 12 hosted databases, this advantage still applies.  There’s lot’s more at the link: read the whole thing.

FileMaker 13: The Field Picker.


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