FMEasySync | A FileMaker Sync Framework

IF YOU NEED TO SYNCH FileMaker databases, give EasySync a try.  Tim Dietrich spearheaded this free, open source solution and it looks pretty good.  After reading the documentation, I’m anxious to give it a try:

How does EasySync work?

The sync process works like this:

  • The mobile device initiates the sync process.
  • A payload is created that contains all of the data that has been added or changed on the mobile device since the last sync.
  • That payload is delivered to the server.
  • A request is sent to the server to process the payload.
  • The server receives the request, grabs the payload, and confirms that it is well formed.
  • It then starts to apply the changes, and treats them as a transaction. If any errors are encountered, then the changes are rolled back.
  • A response is sent back to the mobile device indicating whether the sync was successful or not.

It’s fast, easy to set up, fully transactional, syncs container fields, and much, much more.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.

More…FMEasySync | A FileMaker Sync Framework.


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