De-Duplicate Within A Found Set Of Records

Ralph Learmont gets top billing from Kevin Frank for his script that quickly de-dupes a found set and returns the remains of the found set when finished.   And the best part:  The script is completely portable.

The only caveat is you must select the field you want used to de-dupe the set.  The script de-dupes on the whatever field is selected:

Bear in mind that the goal here is for the script to be 100% portable, i.e., you should be able to copy and paste this script into your solution and run it without any modification at all.

In the spirit of Ralph’s demo, and to keep things as simple as possible, you specify the field by activating it (clicking or tabbing into it) before running the routine.

It’s a pretty clean script that will process a lot of records in short order.

The script is included in the downloadable zip file found at the link.


Source: De-Duplicate Within A Found Set Of Records | FileMakerHacks

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