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One of the neat new features of FileMaker 14 is the the new button bar tool.  The tool not only make it easy to make tool bars, but it makes use of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) icons within the toolbar buttons.  What does that mean to you and your clients?  SVG icons are resolution independent, meaning they look good on any screen at any resolution or size.  That is good news, given the different types of screens out there these days.  One icon, all screens covered.  Also, SVG icons are described by XML, so no matter the size of the graphic, the data describing it stays the same. That will work nicely with WebDirect.  By the way, don’t use PNG or JPG files instead of SVG icons.

And here’s a link to some free SVG icons sets…

Claus Lavendt, of DataManix, provides a free FileMaker solution that helps customize SVG icons for use on FileMaker 14 buttons.

Here’s the reason to download this file:  FileMaker won’t change the color of SVG files without a piece of code added to the SVG file to let FileMaker ‘See’ the file by adding a class icon. This tool, combined with Base Elements plugin, lets you can easily modify folders full of icons in one fell swoop.

There are also some other great features in this tool, and Claus Lavendt made this tool totally free.



Download a free copy of the SVG Icon Helper Tool here:

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