Creating Dynamic Tab Panels in FileMaker 14

Creating Dynamic Tab Panels

Have you ever needed to hide Tab Panels from some users?  Jerry Salem of ITSolutions shows an ingenious way to create tab panels using sliders, using conditional hiding to show/hide button bar segments as needed:

Luckily things have improved a bit in FileMaker 14.  With a combination of the slider panel and the button bar you can now create your own tab panel using just one script. when using your own homemade tab panel, you can easily hide and un-hide tabs with the Hide function.

Here’s step-by step process for how to create a custom tab panel hide tabs in FileMaker 14:

One added feature: the button bar auto resize combined with conditional hiding effectively and completely hides tab panel contents from unauthorized users, simply by hiding the panels if the users privilege set does not allow access.

There is a downloadable file at the link.  Take a few minutes to explore this technique–you’ll like the possibilities opened up by making dynamic tab panels using sliders.

Source: How to Create Dynamic Tab Panels in FileMaker 14 « The Philly FileMaker User Group

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