The Low Down on Custom Apps

Why Invest in Custom Apps?

The answer is simple:  Increased profitability, reduced errors, and an increased Return on Investment (ROI).  But don’t take my word for it.  The custom apps market is exploding, and that would not be the case if the benefits did not outweigh the costs. Let’s take a look.

How big is the Custom Apps market?  According to Bowery Capital:

Custom App Growth Chart



The breakout software subset, however, was one that rarely gets much attention at all: Custom-Built Software. To the delight of contractors and consultants everywhere, it grew at a 33% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) from 2011-2015, from $43B to $136B in spend.



Custom built apps are on fire.

And one of the most versatile entry level players,with all of the recent improvements, is FileMaker.

Check out the results of this FileMaker study from late 2015:

Custom Apps study key findings
Custom Apps study key findings

Reflect on these numbers the next time you are pitching a custom app:

  • 74% increase in productivity
  • 81% saw a reduction in inefficient tasks
  • 60% saw a return on investment
  • 73% consider mobility important, with 49% using an iPad or iPhone
  • 82% are built internally
  • 52% are built in less than 3 months

That’s beyond impressive.

Most business owners understand, as some level, that custom apps are important. And most wish they could afford to build one for their company.  Who wouldn’t want the benefits listed above?

In your next presentation, quote some of these numbers.  Your question to them should be “How can you afford not to build a custom app?”

There’s more…

Businesses reported some incredible productivity numbers:

Increase Efficiency of 60%


And if increased efficiency isn’t enough, perhaps better reporting, sharing, and finding information will do the trick:

Turning information into insight

Staggering results with a staggering impact on a business’s bottom line.  Check out the whole FileMaker study here, and share it with your clients.

Help your clients improve their business, and yours will benefit, as well.


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