Converting from the Classic Theme Part 2

Leaving the Classic Theme Behind

FileMaker’s Classic Theme has been around a very long time, and you’ll find plenty of highly functional solutions using it–why mess with something that works?  Alexis Allen of Designing FileMaker offers five FileMaker 14 features that will add some zing to a tired solution:

Converting from the Classic Theme Part 2: The Glory

Previously, I wrote about how to convert your solution away from the Classic theme. In this part, I discuss five FileMaker 14-exclusive changes you might want to make while updating your solution. These interface features will add professionalism, usability, and—dare I say?— “glory” to your solutions.

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Now that you’ve decided to update your layouts to a modern theme in FileMaker, there are a few things you might want to do at the same time. Since you’re already touching every layout in your solution, why not take advantage of some of the new features in FileMaker 14? It makes sense to get the most bang for your buck. Here are…drumroll please…Five Things New in FileMaker 14 That Will Improve Your Interfaces (in no particular order):

Her top 5?   Easy:

  • Hidden scroll bars
  • Button bars
  • Top Navigation part
  • Placeholder text
  • Custom Theme Colours

All worthy choices.  Bet there are other worthy candidates.

My favorites include:

  • Popovers (yes, even on old (.fp3) upgraded solutions
  • Sliders in popovers
  • Conditional hiding

All three claim back valuable real estate from the Classic Theme, something most users find ver useful.  And it doesn’t cost a fortune to do it.

Which FileMaker 14 features would you add to the Classic Theme?


Source: Converting from the Classic Theme Part 2: The Glory – Design for FileMaker Pro Developers

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