Contribute to the FileMaker Community, Make Big Gains

Arizona Forest Fires causes beautiful New Mexico Sunrises…but don’t exercise outside!

A couple of hours later, though, the smoke causes our beautiful Sandia Mountains to disappear. Hey Arizona firefighters: put out those fires and give me back my mountains!

Giving Back to the FileMaker Community

Albuquerque’s (and Soliant Consulting’s) Makah Encarnacao presented to the Atlanta FileMaker User Group in May on the topic of giving back to the FileMaker Community. Makah also presented on the new join::table organization and on custom functions for dynamically creating JSON from related child records. Special thanks to David Nahodyl of Blue Feather for the link.

To Make Big Gains, Avoid Tiny Losses

James Clear makes the case that simply focusing on doing tiny, but important things better – and with fewer mistakes – will lead to big gains. While that seems like just common sense advice, many organizations and people tend to gloss over tiny losses.

The key insight I’d like to point out here is the difference between focusing on getting better vs. not getting worse. Japanese television makers did not seek out more intelligent workers or better materials, they simply said, “Let’s build the same product, but make fewer mistakes.” Japanese companies improved by subtracting the things that didn’t work, not by creating a bigger, better, or more expansive product.

James Clear

Our time on this beautiful planet is limited. Take time to enjoy both the big and little things in life.

Don Clark

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