Elemental FM

Thousands of free SVG Icons, Avatars, Placeholders, Animations and Gradients from Elemental FM

Daniel Wood released a new Free FileMaker Example File called Elemental FM.

Note: Wood does request a donation to fund further development, but the donation is not required. And the file is fully unlocked.

Elemental FM contains an unbelievable number of goodies that most FileMaker Developers will find highly useful:

  • Avatars
  • SVG Icons (fully FM compliant)
  • Placeholders
  • Animations
  • Gradients

How Does He Do This?

Wood uses a WebViewer to display most of the items and uses an FMP URL callback in the HTML to display a specific item. Which, as it turns out, can cause problems depending upon which version of FileMaker you use to open the database. This problem affected me and I wrote to Daniel about it. His answer best summarizes the situation – the quote below is from the email he sends you when you download the solution:

The other reason I wanted to get in touch is to make mention of something you “may” have encountered in Elemental and might consider a bug.

The Icons, Animations, and Gradient screens use a web viewer to display the list of items. In order to select an item, it uses an fmp:// callback URL to run a script.

Some users have reported an error saying the file elemental.fmp12 cannot be opened when they click on an item. What is actually happening is the script is trying to be opened in an earlier version of FileMaker and failing.

This only tends to affect users who have FileMaker 15 or 16 installed, and are trying to run Elemental in FileMaker 17.  Users in FileMaker 18 should be unaffected, as are users with just one copy of FileMaker installed.

Rather than detail the fix here, I encourage you to read this useful post on the subject by John Sindelar from Seedcode:


In this, you’ll find information about the issue, and how you can resolve it.

Save Yourself Some Time

Download Elemental FM and play around with it. There are thousands of avatars, svg icons, gradients, animations and placeholders, all easy to find and download. The SVG icons can be downloaded as a file or you can copy the text and easily modify it. You can also modify the color of the icon and download the altered file. Elemental FM lets you improve the look and feel of your FileMaker solutions. And better design is something we all strive to achieve.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Steve Jobs
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