FileMaker Manufacturing Database

A Professional Quality FileMaker Manufacturing Database Template

Writing a professional quality FileMaker manufacturing database solution requires not only exceptional development skills, it also requires intimate knowledge of the manufacturing process. And a developer with just that knowledge reached out to me for help with marketing his knowledge and his template.

Joe Fiore is based in Canada, and has twenty years plus of FileMaker development under his belt. And his specialty is building FileMaker Manufacturing databases for small manufacturing firms. We met using Zoom recently and I had the chance to look at some of his work.

The Template

Fiore developed a base template containing the most frequently used features and uses that template as a starting point. Let’s take a look at it:

The template is robust, but is just the starting point. The good news: Fiore includes the base template for free, and charges the customer for the custom work necessary to fit the final solutions to the exact needs of the customer. This template keeps development costs down.

Manufacturing Businesses

This template has been used to build complete, custom solutions for these types of manufacturing business:

  • Office Business Furniture Manufacturing
  • Vinyl Window Manufacturing
  • Machined Parts Manufacturing Industry
  • Entry Door System Manufacturing
  • Retractable Awnings Manufacturing
  • Electronic Circuit Board Manufacturing
  • Skidding System for Large Heavy Moving
  • Industrial Cleaning Products Manufacturer
  • Dog and Pet Food Manufacturer

Other Custom Business Solutions

This template has also been used to develop easy to use custom apps in the following areas, as well:

  • Canadian Executive Information Management
  • Heavy Equipment Transport Trailers Dealer
  • Large Format Digital Printing
  • Time Billing for Professionals
  • Fire Inspection Industry
  • Construction, General All Purpose Estimating
  • Food Services Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Senior’s Caregiver Industry
  • Entertainment Companies
  • Art Galleries

Contact Us Now for More Information

If you are interested in custom database that will handle almost any manufacturing need (or regular business needs, as well), this template is just the place to start.

For information about getting a custom solution using this template, just click on our contact form here.

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