Business Minute #5

In Business Minute #2, I covered the DISC personality test – how to determine where you fit on the grid and how to tell where others fit. Today we’ll look at how to influence Steady personalities. For a more in depth look, follow this link.

Understand the DISC type. They are quite simple and thus easy to use. Then play to the person’s preferences and overall type.

With Steady people

  • Be genuinely interest in them as a person
  • Create a human working environment for them
  • Give them time to adjust to change
  • Clearly define goals for them and provide ongoing support
  • Recognize and appreciate their achievements
  • Avoid hurry and pressure
  • Present new ideas carefully

The trick to using DISC is to study people and figure out where they are on the chart.  Then apply the methods necessary to deal with them.

There is some crossover between the four types – a person can be a strong Dominant with a weaker Steady, for example.  To better visualize the four types, use this chart:

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 6.26.08 AM

Tomorrow we’ll cover dealing with Conscientious people.


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