FileMaker Quick Tip 23 Exporting Cross Platform vCards from FileMaker

Something that should be real easy – turns out it’s not.  Good lesson about character codes, FileMaker symbols, utf-8 and more…Thanks Darren!

FileMaker Quick Tip #23: Exporting Cross Platform vCards from FileMaker

How can we use vCards in our FileMaker Database?

vCard is a standard file format for distributing contact information from applications such as Mac’s Address Book and Microsoft Outlook. These applications have the ability to export contact records into a vCard file, or import an existing vCard. We see them all the time attached to emails.

Naturally, as FileMaker developers we may consider how we can leverage this data sharing tool in our FileMaker applications. If you want to create your own vCard export, then you can head over to Wikipedia and check out the vCard 3.0 specification and use that to build your calculations and scripts to format your contact data into the required format. Store that in a field and export the field contents and you are done. You can even use FileMaker to pop it in a new email. Easy.

More…FileMaker Quick Tip #23: Exporting Cross Platform vCards from FileMaker.

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