Business Minute 23 – Destroy Your Comfort Zone

Are you comfortable, secure and happy where you find your business self today?   Yes?  Well, snap out of it and get to work, or you’ll find yourself falling behind and losing your security and happiness.

It’s real simple – by standing still in today’s rapidly advancing world, you are losing ground.  If you are not improving your FileMaker and other skills – communications, leadership, and self improvement, among others – you are losing ground to you competition.  Education and skill improvement will be continuous in your adult life if you want to succeed.

One great way to improve yourself?  Get out of your comfort zone.  Afraid of speaking in front of an audience?  Set a goal to beat your fear, take a course, and practice.  You can do it – you just need to expand your comfort zone.

Identify your fears and take them on, one by one.  You’ll be happier and better prepared for anything life throws at you.  And that’s when the magic happens.


Google – they’re everywhere…FREE PDF of Google World

 Make a PDF Table of Contents – FileMaker

People often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well, neither does bathing.  That’s why we recommend it daily – Zig Ziglar

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Business Minute 23 – Destroying Your Comfort Zone

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