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Bringing Student Assessments to the iPad

Kansas school district develops a multifaceted, proprietary database platform to help teachers more efficiently administer and review student assessments.

When Dodge City Public Schools in Dodge City, KS, started handing out iPads to teachers and students last year, Ray Wipf started thinking about how the devices’ use could go beyond mobile apps, Web research, and note-taking. Knowing that the district’s teachers were struggling to find efficient ways to deliver student assessments, Wipf, executive director of information management, came up with a homegrown way to address the problem.

As the core technology application, Wipf used FileMaker, a cross-platform relational database solution that three years earlier replaced a legacy, PC-based assessment system that was difficult to customize and required developer support and services. Previously used only on desktops and laptops, FileMaker now runs on all 1,200 of the district’s iPads — a number that’s expected to increase to 6,500 by 2014.

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