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Great blog post by Beverly Voth – helped me in a pinch yesterday…

An In-Depth Look at “Export Field Contents”Posted on September 23, 2012 by Beverly Voth

Have you ever wanted to export a single field and maintain all the characters in that field? This article explores the possibility with XML Export and the use of a simple XSLT. But first we’ll explain the good, the bad and the ugly of some different standard ways to export TEXT out of FileMaker.Using this sample text in one field and one record we will make different exports and review the results:Export Field ContentsThis is a script step that does what it says see the Help Topic on this. It also may be a contextual menu item, accessible by right+clicking or Ctrl-clicking on the Mac to see the menu. All text in the specified field is exported to a single file without the text formatting, of course. Note: since this is a single-field, special purpose export, the options are limited compared to other FileMaker exports.

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