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Dialing Phone Numbers using SkypeOut from FileMaker Pro


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A while back, I found a technique to launch Skype and using the SkypeOut URI scheme, dial a number in Skype. I tested the ability recently and was surprised to see that the technique seems to be broken. Back in 2006 Skype announced on their blog that a FileMaker plug-in had been created by Premium Systems, but the links are all dead now. BeezWax claims to be able to work with Skype on their web site, but there is not much detail included. There is also an AppleScript method to achieve this, but it is obviously not cross platform. 24U Software has a phone plugin called Phone Companion that works with some PBXs, but the developers don’t list Skype as a feature.

In searching for a solution, I happened upon an approach described by Rennie Innis and David Jondreau separately on various forums. They both suggest employing a Web Viewer to get the call out capability back again.

This demo was created in FileMaker 12, but the technique should work in FileMaker 11 as well. In the demo, I am presuming that you have Skype installed and have setup a Skype account.

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