Bangladesh – FileMaker Streamlines Massive Fire Inspection Project

Another great example of the power of FileMaker and FileMaker Go to solve large problems in short order, this time from Bangladesh:

Faced with evaluating nearly 1,100 factories in Bangladesh for fire and building safety hazards, engineering and consulting firm Hughes Associates, Inc., needed a way to streamline the inspection and reporting process on behalf of a client. The solution: a custom FileMaker solution that enables inspectors to gather information in the field with iPads and sync to a central database for reporting. The FileMaker solution—created in just three weeks by MainSpring— cut reporting time by as much as 50 percent. But most important, it enabled quick analysis of workplace hazards to boost factory safety…

Saving time was essential for Hughes to meet the strict requirements defined by The Accord. The biggest impact, however, has been increasing awareness for factory owners of deficiencies in their building safety and fire protection. Hughes’ vital work is enabling The Accord to use detailed inspection reports to guide the factory owners with corrective action plans to better protect their workers.

“We’ve saved 30 to 50 percent on report generation time compared to doing things manually in a Word document,” Rhodes reported.

“I don’t believe there was any way we could have completed this critical project on time and within budget without our FileMaker solution,” Rhodes said. “It’s been a highly rewarding experience because our work will help save people from harm. That’s unusual for an engineering endeavor to have such a clear mission and outcome.”

And it was all done in three weeks time.  Kudos to MainSpring for their quick–and effective–development effort.

More…FileMaker streamlines massive fire inspection effort in Bangladesh | MainSpring.

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