360Works MirrorSync Major Update

360Works owner Jesse Barnum presented to the New Mexico FileMaker User  in January of 2015–for two hours, all of it on mirrorSync.  Here are a few facts about MirrorSync:

  • MirrorSync works between FileMaker and FileMaker server
  • And between FileMaker Server and MySQL
  • And between MySQL servers
  • It uses Java to set and make the connections and the data transfer, and is very fast as a result
  • It has a FileMaker style interface and is pretty easy to set up.
  • And lots more:

Important MirrorSync Update Now Available

360Works has released MirrorSync 2.4, an important update with hundreds of improvements. This update is highly recommended for all MirrorSync users and is free for users of MirrorSync 2.0 and higher. Existing users, click here to download MirrorSync 2.4.

New to MirrorSync? Click here to learn more, test a live sync, and download a free license.

About MirrorSync

360Works’ award-winning MirrorSync is the best way to use your FileMaker database on an iPad, iPhone or laptop without worrying about a slow or non-existent cellular or wifi connection. In addition, MirrorSync offers an easy and reliable solution for syncing FileMaker with SQL/Oracle databases.

Features and bug fixes include:

Faster Syncs

  • Much, much faster writing large record batches between SQL databases – benchmarked MySQL at 600 records per second from Atlanta to San Francisco and 4,000 records per second on the local network.
  • Doubled speed of retrieving binary container data from FileMaker Server
  • Performance improvements to skip several cases where deletion scanning was done when not necessary, significantly shortening sync times
  • Reduced initial setup time for syncs with large number of tables. This performance increase will be most noticeable when there are a small amount of changes across a large number of tables.
  • Now bypasses IIS / Apache and communicates directly with the XML Web Publishing Engine on port 16020 when MirrorSync is installed on the same computer as FileMaker Server. This allows faster speed and more reliable communication.
  • More responsive when canceling a sync with many tables.
  • Made the sync script significantly smaller for syncs that contain many container fields
  • MirrorSync log file now includes more detail on how long it took to read and write from each database, to help find performance bottlenecks
  • Fixed a problem that could cause deletion scanning to operate inefficiently if users were adding new records to the server at the same time as the deletion scan
  • New feature allows syncing with a separate mobile file that is pre-populated with record data matching the server (previous version required offline file to be empty, if it was not a copy of the server file). This now works with both UUIDs and serial numbers. See documentation for details.

Easily Customized

  • Added new feature to allow custom SQL qualifiers to restrict records for mobile users based on the mobile user account name. This lets you sync just a subset of records from your MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server database to FileMaker Pro/Go users, or FileMaker Server.
  • Can optionally specify SQL command to get next primary key (ie. trigger a stored procedure)
  • Added a ‘WillSync’ and ‘DidSync’ section of the MirrorSync customization script, so that you can easily have your own pre- and post-sync actions.

Stable and Reliable

  • Improved handling of dropped network connections during sync; will now attempt 3 times before giving up on sync.
  • Now supports BASE64 streaming to sync unlimited amounts of photo / container data without running out of memory
  • Fixed a problem that could cause syncs to deadlock when there are numerous simultaneous syncs operating on the same configuration
  • MirrorSync now optionally reports sync performance statistics to 360Works. If this is not desired, this option can be disabled when running the installer.
  • Fixed a case where trying to resolve thousands of conflicts could cause FileMaker Go to crash
  • Opens a single JDBC connection to FileMaker Server instead of one per table. This can substantially reduce memory usage when syncing a large number of tables.
  • Fixed a problem where MirrorSync could run out of memory when removing columns from existing sync configurations, if there have been hundreds of thousands of records synced for that table.
  • Fixed cases where the installer was disabling XML Web Publishing Engine by starting up the web server with the incorrect configuration
  • Log less detail for record transfers, should greatly shrink MirrorSync log files
  • Several bug fixes that could potentially cause duplicate records

Server-to-Server Support

  • Fixed various time zone problems with MySQL
  • BLOB images synced from SQL databases will now render as images in FileMaker Pro; previously just showed a generic file icon
  • Complete overhaul of Oracle SQL generation. Now supports all Oracle data types, including BLOB data, as well as schema generation in Oracle. This means that you can create new Oracle tables from existing FileMaker tables with matching names and data types. FileMaker field names are automatically converted to Oracle-compatible names (no spaces, uppercase, max 30 characters)
  • Added support for CLOB data types, which can store very large amounts of text in SQL databases.
  • New feature does intelligent data type conversions between FileMaker and SQL databases. For example, UNIX timestamp numeric fields in SQL will be translated correctly to date / timestamp fields in FileMaker.
  • Now supports multi-spoke syncing, so it’s possible to sync many database servers together

More User-Friendly

  • Error messages when wifi / cellular data is unavailable are now more user-friendly

  • Improved error reporting when trying to sync records with blank primary keys

  • More informative subject lines in sync e-mail notifications

  • More user-friendly error messages in case of a conflict

  • Added a feature for developers to set their own e-mail address for the reply-to from 360Works tech support, and to receive copies of all user-submitted bug reports.

  • MirrorSync home page now shows whether a newer version of MirrorSync is available

  • Smoother behavior of drag and drop when mapping fields and tables

  • Auto-detects foreign keys in MySQL when using InnoDB tables and foreign key constraints

  • Auto-detects creation timestamps in MySQL

  • When creating new creation timestamps and modification timestamps in SQL databases, now has an option to batch-create them for all tables

  • And more! Full change log available here.

360Works MirrorSync:: Sync FileMaker Pro, iPhone, iPad with FileMaker Server.

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