FileMaker: Hamburger Menu

I work with Hamburger Menus all the time on the web side of my business, mostly on mobile devices.  Most responsive website themes in WordPress incorporate the Hamburger Menu to replace the standard menu when the website shrinks down to a small window.

Mike Duncan, of Soliant Computing, shows how to build a Hamburger Menu in FileMaker using sliders and popovers in the latest Soliant TV episode. I tend to agree with Mike:  this type of menu has a place in regular layout design. Offering a full menu on a sliding window frees up a lot valuable screen real estate for more important information.

One other thing–I’ve recently seen another type of menu indicator, three dots in a row:

3 dots menu example

I found this example in the Kosmas example file from DocuWrx.

For the Hamburger Menu example file and more infomation, follow the link below.

FileMaker: Hamburger Menu.

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