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Why it’s important: Calculations and Scripts

Dive in deeper to Calculations and Scripting in the FileMaker Training Series Demo video on youtube.

Calculations and scripts covers the following:

  • Standard Math Operators
  • Text manipulation
  • Setting and updating fields
  • Functions
  • Loop
  • Conditionals (If…then)
  • Lists
  • Script Triggers
  • Scripts
  • Reporting

There is a lot more, including plenty of examples of scripts

Published on Sep 12, 2015

Join us for the last in a series of six webinars designed to complement your learning via FTS:Basics, the official self-paced training curriculum from FileMaker, Inc.

In this session you’ll learn the basics of calculations, scripting and reporting in FileMaker Pro through step-by-step activities building your own practice solution. Then find out how FileMaker Pro can integrate with other business systems. And finally, get introduced to the built-in security capabilities and learn about the methods of sharing and deploying a solution to other users.

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