Working with FileMaker Portals – Part 1

A VERY NICE TECHNIQUE by Michael Rocharde to allow creation of portal records automatically in a portal, but hiding the extra row that shows using FileMaker 13’s conditional hiding options:

Creating Related Records

Before FileMaker™ 13 was released, I advocated never using Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship.  I did so because it was messy having a ghost row at the bottom of the portal and, if there was a delete button on the portal row, that delete button would appear in the ghost row and cause user confusion by them trying to delete a record that wasn’t actually there.

However now, with the Hide object when functionality that is brand new in FileMaker™ 13, we can allow the creation of records in the table without any confusion on the user’s part.

Here is the portal and, as you can see, there is a new record waiting to be created but all we have is a single field showing and some instructions.  When the user enters the amount and tabs out of the field, the arrow and instructions are immediately hidden and the remaining three fields and the delete button appear.

New record picture in a portal

This frees up more room in the portal due to the fact that you don’t have to put in a button to generate a new portal record.  And it just looks better.

via Working with FileMaker Portals – Part 1 | Everything FileMaker by Michael Rocharde.


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