Use OAuth2 to Log Into FileMaker Apps

Advantages and Disadvantages to OAuth2

For a new project, I needed to use OAuth2 to access data from the Zoom API, both for accessing and viewing/listening to Zoom sessions. Starting a Zoom session from FileMaker and storing the links to the session recordings was the main goal. I looked forward to learning more about OAuth2, available in FileMaker since FileMaker 16.

I started with the post linked below to Soliant Consulting’s Wim Decorte. Decorte presented on OAuth at DevCon2017 (video below), and I highly recommend watching this video and downloading the white paper linked (written by Decorte and Dr. Stephen Blackwell, a legend in the FileMaker community) in the post at the bottom of this page. Both will get you up to speed much faster than any other sources I could find.

But, I needed something different

As good as Decorte and Blackwell are (and they are very, very good), their efforts were aimed at using OAuth to log in to FileMaker applications. I needed to use OAuth to retrieve data from Zoom’s API. That turned out to be whole other challenge, one that I have not yet solved – although I have met the challenge using JSON Web Tokens (JWT). I am writing a new post on that subject, one that will be published next week.

Still, I highly recommend watching this video and reading the white paper. You will learn a lot, and it will save you a load of time if you ever need to implement OAuth login to FileMaker.

Learn how to use OAuth2 providers to log into your FileMaker applications from a team of certified developers through our documentation and guides.

Source: Using OAuth2 Providers to Log Into Your FileMaker Apps

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