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FileMakerHacks Turns Nine

Kevin Frank celebrates nine years of blogging about very technical FileMaker issues, and put together a Table of Contents of every single one of his – and his guest posters – blog posts during that time. Bookmark that page – every FileMaker Developer will find indispensable advice that will solve some thorny problem they face there.

Frank also includes one or more sample files of every technique, a gold mine of information sure to save you lots of time.

HTML Email from DB Services

Kevin Boehle, of DB Services, built a Free FileMaker Example file showing how to make and send HTML from FileMaker using the new cURL options in FileMaker 18.

Tax Advice For Entrepreneurs

The 2018 tax law changed a lot of tax law aimed at small business entrepreneurs. Mark J. Kohler, author, attorney, and CPA, shares his knowledge of those changes in a series of posts called “The 12 Tax Days of Christmas“. Read up on his tips so you know what to discuss with your tax guru.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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