Use Guides to Make Grids Work in FileMaker

GRIDS ON A LAYOUT help the designer add organization to the layouts.  And organization has several benefits:

  • It organizes space and information
  • It helps users locate information
  • It acts as a visual filing cabinet

Alexis Allen of Designing FileMaker has a great article on grids:  What they are, why to use them, and how to make use of them in FileMaker using guides:

Just to clarify a possible point of confusion: FileMaker’s grid refers to the gridlines FileMaker can draw for you in Layout mode—we’re talking about something slightly different here, which is the more general concept of using an arrangement of lines to set up an organizational structure for the page as a whole. You’d actually implement this type of page grid using guides in FileMaker.

What kinds of grids are there?
There are many variations of grid styles, such as: single column, two column, three column, or modular (like a calendar). A table is a common type of grid familiar to FileMaker developers.

The width of the columns in two- and three- column grids might vary. For instance, in a two-column grid layout, the left column might take up one-third of the space, while the right column takes up the remaining two-thirds.

When aligning objects against a grid, be sure to allow space for the header, footer, a margin on the left and right sides, and gutters between grid columns.

There is plenty more at the link.  Read it all.

More…Design Glossary: Grid – Design for FileMaker Pro Developers.


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