Extending FileMaker with jQuery UI

FOR SOME PRETTY GOOD REASONS, many FileMaker developers are hesitant to use any third party tools to extend it’s capabilities.  Incompatibilities in new versions, troubleshooting code in other programming languages, or just not wanting to learn so much new stuff all the time are just a few of the reasons.

However, it’s time to embrace these new technologies that FileMaker is bringing to us bit by bit.  The ability to add javascript, jQuery, REST, and other web technologies only enhance FileMaker’s reputation and your ability to meet your clients needs.

Check out Aaron Gieard’s latest on the Scarpetta Group Blog:

In this tutorial, I am going to explore using the jQuery UI slider control in FileMaker to set a value on a predetermined scale. I will be using FileMaker’s data URL functionality and sending data back to FileMaker using the FMPURL method.

For those of you who who have not read it, click to read part 1 of this series to get a preface on some of the techniques I am using to make this happen.

Follow the link below for detailed steps on how to implement jQuery into FileMaker.

And make you

cFollow the link below for more detailed steps on how to implement jQuery into FileMaker.

And take your developing skills up a notch.

Using jQuery UI in FileMaker – Part 2 – The Scarpetta Group, Inc..


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