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Building Use Case Documents

Free, easy to use, and it helps clarify processes and procedures.  Dwayne Wright’s free FileMaker program for developing business use cases is intriguing, to say the least.  I can see this program being of great help in the quote and design stages of a project.

Watch the video and download the free file at the link.

A simple FileMaker database that allows a business analyst, project manager, subject matter expert (SME) and other project team members to create and store use cases. This is a open product, distributed “as is” without support but also open for customization by a FileMaker developer.

This system allows you to …

  1. create new use cases quickly & easily
  2. duplicate and modify existing use cases for emerging needs
  3. copy complete use cases for integration into MS Word documentation
  4. distributed open and open to design modifications by FileMaker developers

Source: Use Case Builder — thePRACTICALba

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