EHR, Best Practices for iOS SDK, Base Elements, and more

All the Settings You Can Toggle with Siri in iOS:  If a direct command doesn’t work, just say “Open Settings for [setting you want].”

Surgeon Uses FileMaker Custom Database for Electronic Health Records:  Designed by the whole staff, this FileMaker Solution has total buy-in.

Best practices for iOS App SDK application development:  Be sure to run Xcode Clean Directive

Base Elements Plugin for FileMaker: I’m using Base Elements for retrieving XML SOAP data from an online source, and it’s amazingly powerful. If you haven’t used it yet, give it a try.

Apple’s Safari browser is crashing on iPhones and Macs worldwide:  Includes a fix that works for those affected.

“When I want your opinion…”:  Advice from Seth Godin on giving your opinion in a way that is constructive.


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