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Optimizing your database to run fast from the server is critical, and not necessarily an easy thing to do.  The one hour seminars that FileMaker has been making for a while are very helpful, and FileMaker makes them available on demand afterwards.  FileMaker is offering two sessions Tuesday, October 28th.  Follow the link below to Register:

Eight ways to make FileMaker databases run even faster

FileMaker, Inc. recently released the “FileMaker Performance Guide,” a free document for developers of all levels to learn the best practices for designing FileMaker solutions that perform at an optimum level. Solutions that are optimized for performance are easier for developers to maintain and are more delightful and satisfying for everyone to use. Please join us for a one-hour session, led by author Mark Richman of Skeleton Key. You’ll learn about the top factors that affect performance and how to implement techniques that will significantly boost the actual and perceived performance of your FileMaker solutions. Reserve your place for this FREE webinar today!

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