Unlimited FileMaker Containers! – YouTube


Should you need to display an unlimited number of images/documents/videos from a single record in a FileMaker Solution, Matt Petrowsky has the solution you seek.  And Richard Carlton has a video showing the capabilities of that solution.

If you want the actual solution with the explanation video by Matt, however, you’ll need to sign up at FileMakerMagazine.com (I did) to get the keys–something every serious developer should consider.  Matt has a wealth of great tips and tricks to share:

There is a little FileMaker hack you can do to make your slide control seem like it has an endless amount of containers.


Thanks to Matt Petrowsky, from ISO FileMaker Magazine, for building a demo file called Endless Picture Sliders that allows you to have endless containers in a slide panel.

Unlimited FileMaker Containers – YouTube.

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