FileMaker is Crashing? Don’t Panic!


So FileMaker is crashing and you can’t figure out why?  You’re worried about your database’s  integrity if this keeps happening, and you can’t deliver a product that is crashing, can you?

Well, you can’t fix the problem with FileMaker code itself, but you aren’t powerless.  Brendan McBride of DBServices delivers some hope with a great blog post about reading the crash reports 0n Mac and Windows, giving you the ability to track down the offending function.  Once that is done, modify your code to avoid calling it and you are out of the woods until FileMaker gets around to patching that problem.

OK, it may not be quite that simple.  But at least there’s one more option out there now than there was before:

Though FileMaker crashes are rare, when they do happen, it can be a pain for developers and users alike. They can cause many headaches such as corrupted databases, loss of data, loss of recent development changes, etc. For developers, it can be especially difficult because it is hard to debug and find the cause of the crash as the FileMaker application stops responding after a crash. For those of us using the FileMaker platform to create FileMaker databases, there is not much we can do to fix the cause of the problem. However, we can find what is causing the issue and attempt to work around it. In this article, we will show you how to take advantage of the Mac crash report and the Windows DebugDiag tool to efficiently identify workarounds when FileMaker crashes.

At last there is a ray of hope.  And a link to an Apple crash report technical note for some serious help on reading those pesky debug reports.  Read the whole thing.

via Reading FileMaker Crash Reports | DB Services.

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