Tutor for Filemaker Pro – The Basics

THIS NEW TUTORIAL program looks interesting – there’s a Mac and iOS version, and it’s only $10.  Short videos are a great way to learn, and this course has 49 of them.

  • Download Tutor for Filemaker Pro – The Basics today and learn how to use Filemaker Pro for the Mac. Our tutorial includes 49 easy-to-follow videos on how to use Filemaker Pro, Apple’s database solution.

    We cover everything from Filemaker Pro Terminology to creating solutions by building a basic event manager solution. While building the solution we cover layouts, fields, themes, value lists, themes, controls, relationships, and more.

    See how easy it is to learn about Filemaker Pro in Tutor for Filemaker Pro – The Basics.

    Features include:

    • 49 Easy-to-Follow Videos
    • No Internet Connection Required
    • Tutorials are Divided into Short Chapters
    • Full-Screen Mode and Air-Play Enabled
    • Low-Cost Solution to Comprehensive Training
    • With our Notes Feature, you can take notes while watching the tutorial

I’ve always felt the best way to learn a complex subject is to start with a clear, big picture of the topic and then dive into the particulars.  This seems to do that, and at a reasonable price.

Tutor for Filemaker Pro – The Basics.


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