Top 11 Misconceptions About FileMaker

Do you know the top 11 misconceptions about FileMaker Pro? CoreSolutions shares their list and the reasons why they are false.  Here’s part of their list (without the explanations):

  • If you cannot code, you cannot use FileMaker. FALSE
  • FileMaker is much too simple to handle my database needs. FALSE
  • I can do it all on my own, I don’t need a developer. FALSE
  • FileMaker is a non-relational database. FALSE
  • Any third party backup software can be used to backup information on the FileMaker server. FALSE
  • FileMaker can run in a small office, up to 5 users in a peer to peer user environment. Technically True
  • You cannot create your own custom themes on FileMaker. FALSE
  • FileMaker is NOT a secure system. FALSE

I’d add another:  FileMaker is not a ‘Real’ database.  FALSE

FileMaker has been around a long time (since the mid 80’s) and is still chugging along. It must have value to millions of users or it wouldn’t be around.  Plenty of database solutions have come and gone during that time.

And FileMaker just keeps getting better. More powerful.  Lots more features.  It connects with the rest of the world in more ways. And skilled developers make it jump through hoops in ways never imagined by the makers of the software.

Click through to see the rest of the list, and comment below if you have your own misconception to share.

Top 11 Misconceptions About FileMaker.

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