The Lengths We Will Go To For Customer Satisfaction

A great example of taking care of your customer.  Mighty Data is on the ball here…

The Lengths We Will Go To For Customer Satisfaction

Published on September 17, 2013 by Susan Fennema

A few weeks ago, we began a development project with a company which is full of Texas A&M Aggies. The company’s offices are decorated in Aggie maroon and in Aggie paraphernalia. As an Aggie myself, I am a bit giddy about getting to talk Aggie football and other traditions with our new customer’s whole team.

In looking to put a highly qualified person on the project, we assigned Anders Monsen. And yes, you guessed it, he went to the University of Texas. Not wanting to withhold this rivalry information, I shared Anders’ affiliation in the first meeting.

The conference call fell silent as we were asked to replace him. In fact, “I’m not kidding” were the words used. We proceeded with the call and about halfway through, our new customers let us know that they might have come across a little too strongly and that they were actually OK with it. Turns out conference calls without video might not be the best way to determine whether someone is serious or kidding.

What happened next is really the big story…

More… The Lengths We Will Go To For Customer Satisfaction.

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