Test Network Performance with this Cool Tool

LOAD TESTING A DATABASE  is a necessity, among other reasons, when dealing with a large number of users or when network connectivity is spotty and the user’s actions put a load on the server.  Or when they are using WebDirect or a smart device in an area with poor connectivity.

JohnAustin Lamprecht, of Soliant Computing, discovered a geek tool at Devcon for doing just that:

The tool is called Network Link Conditioner. It is an awesome tool that allows you to simulate different network connections on your Mac, such as WiFi and 3G. You can even set your own custom network connections!

Why is this so awesome? Well, now you can do some of your different performance testing scenarios right on your Mac instead of  the following:

1.     Disconnecting from Ethernet and using WiFi

2.     Pulling out the iPad or iPhone (For performance testing at least. Always test your solutions on the targeted devices)

3.     Calling John Smith across the country to test your solution over the WAN.

You can now set up a simulated WAN network connection and let John take a rest.

The Network Link Conditioner lets you simulate various network conditions and test network performance under those conditions. Much easier than driving out into the middle of nowhere to get poor 3g or 4g connectivity.

Learn more at the link!

A Performance Tool: Network Link Conditioner.


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