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Michael Rocharde on Implementing a new system the easy way:

Are you considering a new system but frightened of the amount of work you will have to do before you can get started? In this short video, I discuss the two ways that you can switch over with a minimum amount of work, delay and stress.

Implementing a new system is a challenge for any business.  After all, they are usually very busy making ends meet or managing growth, and that means a lot of late nights.  So how do you deal with it as a developer/salesperson?

One idea is to have some success stories ready, along with clients who will vouch for the improvements your system brought to their work.

Another is to have stats from industry studies handy.

Or have a video of the improvements you’ve made for others ready to show.  Concrete proof is a large step on the way to closing the sale.

Source: Easy Implementation – Michael Rocharde

Seth Godin goodness:

Do not tell your friends about your nascent idea, your notion, the area you hope to explore next.

Do not seek reassurance from them.

Do not become vulnerable about your tiny new sprout of an inkling.

It will be extinguished by people who mean well. They are trying to protect you from heartache.

Having trouble getting an SSL Certificate to work on FileMaker 15 Server?

The problem may well be Bonjour, Apple’s software that is installed with FileMaker that makes it easy to discover devices on you network, but can cause problems with SSL.  Soliant’s Wim Decorte has the solution to this problem.

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.

Oscar Wilde


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