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FileMaker Help’s tip for collecting GPS information when taking photos with FileMaker Go:


When taking a picture in FileMaker Go, the GPS attributes (longitude and latitude) are empty, as iOS does not have a way to access the GPS information directly.  However, if you take a picture with the Camera app, the picture is stored in the Photos app, and when you then Insert the picture from the Photos app into FileMaker Go, the GPS attributes are then available.


Create a script that allows you take a picture, and then immediately use the LocationValues (or Location) function to capture the latitude and longitude.  For example, assuming you have a Container field named “PICT” and a Text field named “GPS”, the following script will take a picture in PICT and then put the latitude and longitude values in GPS:

Source: FileMaker Go – GPS location of picture | FileMaker

Is this the easiest way to put FileMaker info on the web?

FileMaker Website | The Easiest Way to Get FileMaker Pro on the web.  No PHP FileMaker

No PHP skills required.  I’ve watched their videos, but haven’t had time to set up a free trial and play with it (it is on my list, however).  Has anyone out there tried this?  What do you think?

Everything you need to know about FM 15’s technical specs.

Like max file size (8TB), number of windows open simultaneously (125) , number of shared files (unlimited), max number of connected clients (5), number of records per table (64 quadrillion!), and a whole lot more.  FileMaker 15 Client Tech Specs

The Internet of Things (IoT) tells us what we really want to know: What’s my dog doing all day?

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