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DELETE FILEMAKER GO RECORDS in the style of IOS – swipe to the side and hit the delete button that slides in.  FileMakerBloggen.se brings us this handy tip:

You always wished that FileMaker Go was more like real apps in iOS, didn’t you!?
Now with FileMaker 13 I would argue that we have come far closer app feel than ever before. We can use the fantastic layout objects such as “Popover” samt “Slide Control“. We may also use thetwo-finger swipe to scroll through the items and gain more control of the input withspecial keyboardfor example as number or e-mail.

Here’s a tip to further get that iOS feel, namely the ability to swipe left and bring up a button to delete a row in a list.

Watch the video clip at the end and download the file.

Swipe and delete in FileMaker Go | FileMakerBloggen.

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