The Sony QX Lenses Give Your Phone Superpowers

Connects wirelessly with your smart phone without a wifi network nearby, your phone acts as the viewfinder, and you control the lens with your phone.  Way cool.

Incredibly sharp optics + a 4x larger sensor = amazing phoneography

Photo 101: your lens goes on your camera. Your cameradoes not go inside of your lens.

… the QX Smart Lenses are rewriting the books. They’re the first ever ‘lens cameras’ that have their very own camera bits inside.

You control it with your phone, and the images upload directly to your camera roll as you shoot.

How? Your phone acts as a live viewfinder, it sees what the lens sees. The QX lenses use NFC (if your phone is into that sort of thing) or create their very own Wi-Fi signal. You don’t need to be near an internet connection to connect to your Android, iPhone or tablet wirelessly.

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