Field Protection Script Triggers – Modular FileMaker

TODD WEIL’S script trigger solution offers a field by field method of locking down data.  This is handy at times, but suffers from some drawbacks in operation:

  • It take two script triggers attached to the field:  onObject Enter and onObjectExit.  You may need one of those to test for other purposes, which would lead to more complicated scripts
  • It allows users to change the data after popping a message box.  This behavior could be disabled easily in the script, though
  • You would have to be sure to apply the triggers to every occurrence of the field if it occurred on multiple layouts

One of the commenters modified to to handle changes in case, if so desired. Even with limitations, though,  it’s still a useful tool to have in your toolbox.

These are simple, abstracted trigger scripts that can be used on any field and any layout to prevent accidental changes to the data in a field.  They allow for initial data entry if the field is empty, but once there is data in the field, the user will be prompted if the data is changed.

Download the sample file at the link and play around with it.

Field Protection Triggers – Modular FileMaker.

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