Simple Toggle Buttons in FileMaker 14

New blogger Joe Simpson shows how to make simple toggle buttons using FileMaker 14 button bars and other features:

Recently I had a need for a simple toggle button. In the past I would have used object visibility (FMP13) or conditional formatting (FMP12 and earlier) to show or hide two or more buttons based on a variable or field. This time I took a minute to consider how I could use the new features in FileMaker 14, particularly the Button Bar.

Joe outlines three methods:

  • The first one uses a global variable and a refresh script step to make it work (not recommended)
  • The second one replaces the global variable with a global field (better)
  • The third one replaces the global field with a regular field (best).

There is a value to the learned for new developers in the progression:  

The first example works, but the screen refresh causes a flash on Windows and the global variable applies to all records in the database.

The second example eliminates the flash but keeps the global value problem.

The last example makes it local to each record, and is the strongest of the three.

Simpson provides a download example file with all three examples in it at the link.

Source: Simple Toggle Buttons in FileMaker 14

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