Building the User Experience : the Three Ds methodology

The author of this post, Erika Pelser, outlines a three step process that could easily be ported to the FileMaker/Database development world:

There are many possible renditions of the UX (User Experience) creative process, designed to help guide a project from conception to completion, but I use the 3D process.

The phases within this methodology are ‘Discover’, ‘Define’ and ‘Deliver’.  Each of these phases define the steps needed to implement to a solution to a business or user problem, taking it from concept to production. The lines between these are blurred, but it provides enough of a framework so you can bring it to your own work.

The first part, Discover, entails meeting with a client and discovering their processes and procedures, necessary reports, and a general sense of the style and usability they want.

With Design, build the skeleton of the solution, making sure to meet process and procedure requirements, and put together enough skin to give the clients some alternatives.

Finally, Deliver the beta and then the final product based on client feedback and usability testing.

Read the whole article to get a better sense of how what she does will help you in your project design.

Source: How to plan the UX design process: the Three Ds methodology

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