Seth Godin – This Is Broken! – YouTube

This is broken!

This video is funny and true. We all look at things and say “This is broken”. And we usually shrug it off, because there is nothing we can do about it.

Watch this video and take this opportunity to look at your FileMaker solutions with a critical eye, and ask these questions: Is it broken in some way? Is there a better way to do some part or process? Is it explained well? Do the processes work as they should?

One good way to do this is to walk away for a period of time (several weeks works for me) and then revisit the solution. Can you figure it out quickly and easily? If not, get to work fixing it.

Another way to avoid this problem is usability testing, testing with people familiar with the processes and people who aren’t. This will give you valuable feedback that will point out problems you did not see.

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