RemoteScripter – Printing PDFs on a Server YouTube

360Works’ RemoteScripter is a great piece of software for running scripts on a client–from a server or another client.  Kind of like the Perform Script on Server (PSoS), only backwards.

I used RemoteScripter years ago to allow Internet Web Publishing (IWP) clients to print pdf’s on a robot client running on the server.  The IWP user clicked a button that ran a script which communicated with a client running on the same machine as the server.  This robot client then saved the report to a folder, followed by uploading it to a container field.  The container field on the IWP clients layout was populated with the proper report within a second or so. The client could then download or email the pdf.  I even figured out a way to start the FileMaker client automatically on startup should the server machine restart for some reason (crashes or updates).

Richard Carlton has a great video explaining how RemoteScripter works with FileMaker 13 plus to print pdf’s, although it’s not limited to just printing pdf’s.  Since FileMaker Server 13 does not support printing pdf’s, this provides a way to print pdf’s for WebD


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