Help! FM Server 14 WebDirect broken!

I’m looking for some help from my great readers.  I have not been able to make FMS 14 WebDirect work.  When a user logs on to the WebDirect site, the available files flash for a moment, then a spinning wheel appears.  And never leaves.

So far, FileMaker support, FileMaker forums, and FileMaker Bug Report have not helped me find a solution to this problem. The excerpt below is from my bug report posting on FileMaker forum, linked below.  Click the link for full details:

I started with s cloud server Mac (a standalone machine with SSD drive) running Yosemite. This was a brand new image installed on a Mac, Server Admin never installed. No other software running, just the operating system, fully patched, running the latest version of Java.

I installed FM Server 14.0v1 (and now v2) with a single machine configuration.

When a user logs into the WebDirect project window (http://192.168.0.x/fmi/webd#, for example, the sample FM sample file (FMServer_Sample) flashes on the screen briefly, then a spinning wheel appears. And stays.

I have duplicated this on 4 separate pieces of hardware at this cloud provider, 3 running fresh installs of Yosemite, and one running Mavericks.

I get the same problem every single time.

WebDirect is not usable.

Early on (this has been happening since May 18th), I was able to type in a direct address and it would work:http://192.168.0.x/fmi/webd#FMServer_Sample, for example. That no longer works.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Source: Webdirect shows spinning wheel on Mac Server -… . Report an issue . Bug Report . FileMaker Forums

FM Server 14 WebDirect Broken.

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