Pausing Scripts Executed by FileMaker Server 11 or Previous


Interesting solution by Aaron Gutleben…

By Aaron Gutleben

I came across a blog post recently which focused on an issue where a script, run from FileMaker Server, kept failing. The solution was to pause the script in question. You can read that post here.

Over the years, I’ve had to deal with the need to slow down a script being run by FileMaker Server many times and thought I’d write about how I do it.

I found, for example, that if I created a server-side script which contained an export/import process, there were times that the script didn’t seem to wait for the export to complete before trying to import from the file created by the previous step. As a result, the script would either throw an error or simply not complete the process as expected. The answer, if you can’t tell where I’m heading, is to place a pause between these two script steps. In other words, export, pause, and then import.

For FileMaker 12, you can simply use the Pause/Resume Script step because it is compatible with FileMaker Server. But what do you do when you need to pause a script being executed by FileMaker Server when you are using an earlier version of FileMaker?

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