Parsing Data – FileMaker vs Excel

A couple of short, followup videos from Michael Rocharde comparing (and contrasting) the differences between FileMaker and Excel. This time around, parsing data is highlighted:

No, parsing is not a spelling mistake; it’s a term used to describe separating data into different elements.

In this short video, we’re going to separate out a single address field, into separate address, city, state and zip fields, using FileMaker’s enormously powerful replace function.  I’ve broken the steps down into very easy to follow ones and this technique can be used in a lot of different situations so you should find it useful; that is, if you aren’t already doing this type of stuff on a daily basis.  (I should mention that this process can be done in less steps with more complicated calculations but I’ve elected not to do that so anybody can follow it.  In actual time, it would take around two minutes to do this).

Parsing data is fairly mundane, something every developer will address multiple times over time.  Excel and FileMaker are both very powerful in this regard.  Watch the videos and you decide which is best for you.

Source: Parsing Data – FileMaker vs Excel

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