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A free video from Matt Petrowski’s pay site on writing and reading clean code.  If you are a serious developer, sign up for Matt’s site. The price is reasonable and the content will help you out:

The ability to read code is similar to being able to read a foreign language. The greater your vocabulary in terms of structuring sentences, the more expressive the result. When opening your own scripts just a few months later, if you can make quick sense of what the script does, then you’ve accomplished the ideal of clean reading code. In 2010, I set out to document my own methods of coding madness. There have always been standards floating around in the world of FileMaker and personal preference always plays a role in every language used by any developer. However, after spending a lot of time working with PHP and the content management system name Drupal, I decided I wanted the same thing for myself within FileMaker. So was born out of that situation. Over the intervening years, I cay honestly say I appreciate the time I spent within the Drupal code and coming up with what is now very readable code within my FileMaker solutions. Use this video as an example of how you can get around some of the shortcomings within FileMaker’s unique development environment.

There is also a downloadable file at the link.

Source: Clean Reading Code – ISO FileMaker Magazine

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