Motivation, Self Improvement and Advice for Remote Workers

A pretty decent list of websites remote workers–and just about everyone else–should check out:

I know every remote worker has “one of those days,” where he or she feels a little less motivated than usual. When I’m dragging my feet, I like to turn to well-written, inspirational blogs to motivate me and give me productivity tips so I can start cranking out tasks.

For when you’re having a low point in your day, turn to some inspirational and motivational reading for a pick-me-up. I’d thought I’d share some great blogs that I like to turn to. I love them all because there’s always something new that I learn and I walk away feeling refreshed and inspired.

I’ll add one to the list:  Quote of the Day–A website in dire need of a facelift, but functional and filled with great quotes. Here’s part of the list for those interested:

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